Streetcat Bob

Thursday was a very exciting day in Miss Newsome’s class as we received a letter from a best selling author! A while ago, as one of our topics in English we read the book Bob No Ordinary Cat by James Bowen.

Bob, better known as ‘Street Cat Bob’ is a very special cat who helped James when he was in trouble. James had been homeless a long time and people did not treat him very well.

Bob came to live with him. He went into London everyday, with James when he was busking for money. Through the book, we found out all about the lives of homeless people. We loved the book so much, we wrote some questions and sent them to James and Bob.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to receive a reply. We were thrilled to find that James had also sent us three signed books for our class!

We also received a letter from his publisher, who thought our questions were excellent. We really enjoyed this part of our work in English.